Seven Steps Buying HRIS

Buying or upgrading your company’s HRIS Software is not a task you can complete within a few days or even a few weeks’ time. The process can take several months, possibly even a year, because you want to make sure you’ve done all your due diligence and looked at all the best options possible before you actually sign on the dotted line.

However, as long-term as the process may be, the steps you need to take before purchasing quality HRIS Software are actually quite simple if you look at them from a broader perspective. Breaking down the steps into smaller chunks will help you process them one by one when the time comes, and really analyze each step before moving on to the next.

Step One: Determine Your Company’s HRIS Needs

When looking to buy human resource information systems, your first step is going to be determining why your company needs one. There could be many reasons to purchase an HRIS, such as streamlining your operations or ensuring greater accuracy within your records. As you determine your company’s needs, make sure to analyze whether or not the product will be useful for more than just the HR department (if it benefits the entire company, this will help get management more on board with your process).

Step Two: Create a Detailed List of HRIS Software Needs

List all of the reasons you were thinking about in step one in detail. Include everything that you can think of for each reason so you can more easily choose an HRIS Software company. For example, don’t just say you need a Windows-based program that stores history; say you want a Windows-based program that functions with SQL and that stores unlimited history and searches that you can easily pull records for.

Step Three: Set a Budget

If you’re using your HR department’s budget alone, it shouldn’t take you too long to get an approved number from your manager. However, if you’re working with the entire company on a budget for the HRIS Software, this could take some more time. Finalize all numbers and double-check to make sure they are approved by all applicable management personnel.

Step Four: Select a Few Human HRIS Software Packages

Do some initial research into HRIS Software and select the top 3-5 that seem the most well-reviewed and the most reputable that are also within your budget. Compare your list of employee management needs to everything the various software options provide.

Step Five: Sample the Product and Review the Company

Next you need to demo the product or run a trial version so you can experience its features first-hand. Also look into the reputation and quality of the company behind the workforce management software you’re testing. You want to feel confident that the company will fully support their product should you purchase it.

Step Six: Discuss Pricing and Scope

Once you feel comfortable with one of your HRIS Software choices, discuss in detail the cost of not just the product itself, but any extra features, support, or implementation that may be needed. Know how long it will take to get the product up and running for your company.

Step Seven: Decide On and Purchase the HRIS Software

If all requirements are met and you are within your budget, decide on the HRIS Software your company can use and purchase it as soon as all management has cleared the decision.

Obviously, there are many small steps within each of the ones listed above, but with this guide, you should be able to get started on searching for your new HRIS Software without any problems.

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