Getting HR Departments to Play Ball


Although HR managers may stress the advantages of HR software to their teams, they frequently encounter staff reluctance to accept the new system. The reasons for this reluctance vary. It may be that certain team members simply are resistant to change. This, of course, is a common occurrence in many circles. But another reason which typically surfaces is that of security concerns. HR teams have access to an abundance of employee data, including social security numbers and health records. The guardians of this personal information naturally are suspicious of any change that potentially could make the private data vulnerable to a breach. Therefore, their guardedness is entirely understandable and quite common. This, even though HR technology is miles ahead of paper documentation when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

Fortunately, management can help team members overcome their resistance to a newly-implemented HR system. The key is getting staff to see and accept the inherent advantages of the software. Team members must view HR software not as a threat but a major benefit.

The first benefit is gained by team members. Managers must demonstrate clearly that HR technology will simplify their jobs and save considerable amounts of time. The more that this double advantage is driven home and supported by facts, the sooner staff will want to play ball.

Secondly, managers must emphasize that the same money and time-saving advantages are gained by the company. What’s good for the company, of course, is good for all.

Finally, managers can help win staff over by addressing their security concerns. An effective approach is to illustrate the protective advantages paperless systems hold over conventional paper documentation. Demonstrations of how HR technology manages issues such as compliance will drive home your point decisively.

If you have any questions about getting staff support for new HR software, please reach out to HRsoftware.ME. Our team will be happy to provide additional information and answers to all your questions.

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