Gaming the HR Software Environment

Gaming HR Software Environment

With the popularity of computer and video games well-established, it’s hard to doubt the attention-getting power of these media. But can the value of these digital diversions spill over into other arenas? Many experts think so. As a result, ‘gamification’ (the integration of game features with other, non-related disciplines) is finding its way into unexpected areas — including the realm of human resources management. Consider, for example, the increasing number of enterprises utilizing systems that integrate gamification with HR software. There are several reasons for this interesting turn of events.

Engagement improvement is one of these reasons and is particularly noticeable with recruitment campaigns. Based on measurable results, gamification integrated with HR systems has provided a major engagement boost to the recruitment efforts of many companies. To attract new recruits, these pioneering enterprises have developed game-like interfaces to acquaint and involve prospective employers with their brand as well as their corporate culture. Time and time again, prospects are more apt to engage with a brand if it provides this interactive environment.

Training processes also are getting a major lift when gamification is integrated with HR technology. Role-playing scenarios are proving especially valuable in the education and development of employees, both current and new. When properly integrated, role-playing game features often encourage greater collaboration and cooperation between employees or departments. According to reports, enjoyable interaction with others, even in a work setting, is far more involving than individualized training processes. Apparently, socialization is a vital and effective component in the development of personnel. As it stands, gaming features integrated with HR software promotes this socialization in a highly productive way.

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