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Frequently Asked Questions

During non-holiday working hours, you should have access to your new installation of HRSoftware.me within a few hours.

Most companies are up and running within 3-4 weeks depending on the condition of HR information and commitment level. The thing to keep in mind is that you can bring the system up slowly, or roll out sections as time permits.

Yes, for a nominal fee based on the size of your company and your subscription plan, we are happy to assist you with the migration and understand completely why it makes sense. But we also have incorporated simple to use import features with example CSV files so you can do it yourself as well.

We have a 5 step simple set-up and roll out process with a help system to walk you through. We’ll also assign a project manager to assist you. The steps are: 1) Enter your company information 2) Enter your employee information 3) Customize the install to meet your specific needs. 4) Set up PTO policies and assign them 5)Roll the system out to Employees.

When you activate Self Service for any employee they are sent a Welcome email that logs them in. Once logged in, HRSoftware.me implements a simple dashboard interface that’s extremely intuitive. Clicking on the “Getting Started Video” on the dashboard walks them through how to navigate the basics. But we’ve found that even without the video the interface is so simple that within just a few clicks new users get the gist and are exploring and learning safely.

Yes. HRSoftware.me has a very granular permissions system allowing you to control the viewing and editing privileges of any user individually or by groups of users.