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There are many technical aspects to consider when you searching for an HR Software system. The articles below take many of those into account. So take a few minutes and go through our technical articles about HR Software as there's allot to consider and allot riding on your decision. The good news is the decision is as simple as our software is! Sign up today for your free trial.

Thursday, 22 June 2017 21:24

Clear Progress

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In the fast-paced business world, expectations invariably rise after the installation of HR software. For management, the installation sets the stage for a series of positive results and long-awaited improvements. But how does the managerial team know if the results match or exceed expectations? For the most part, they can rely on the dashboard built into an HR system. As with dashboards associated with other types of applications, these display various metrics linked to employee performance. With this information at management’s disposal, they can evaluate and analyze a wide range of employee performance factors. In the process, both strengths and weaknesses are revealed in depth, providing a clear picture on which to base key decisions and proposed solutions.

In many cases, performance metrics provided by HR technology probe the depths a little deeper than usual. Rather than simply provide a batch of statistics, the software can supply data that reveals possible reasons for specific outcomes.

The dashboard accomplishes its goal by covering a wide range of performance factors. Revealed via this info-source are data related to employee productivity, number of personnel on leave, internal costs, etc.  Basically, the dashboard provides every scrap of info management needs to make sound decisions.  

Data displayed via HR software dashboard, for instance, can help expedite the task of skills assessment. What is the current skills level in a department as opposed to its target level? How wide is the gap between the two?  The metrics provided via dashboard can deliver quick, real-time answers to pressing question such as these.

If you have any questions about metrics provided by HR software, please reach out to HRsoftware.ME. Our team will be happy to provide additional information and answers to all your questions.

Sunday, 23 June 2013 01:08

4 Technical Aspects to HR Software Not to Ignore

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You may have already read other articles on avoiding mistakes when choosing HR software. You hopefully know by now that not calculating your expenses correctly or ignoring senior-level management can end up costing you time and money. But have you considered some of the technical aspects of human resources management systems that could end up costing you just as much trouble?

Look through this list of technical aspects you need to pay attention to when considering an HR software purchase.

1) Security is crucial. Security is probably even more important than the HR software's pricing and features, though these should obviously be up to par themselves. But nothing about the program will matter if there are constant loopholes and threats to your data's security. And depending on the type of HR software you purchase, lease, or have hosted, security will come in many different forms.