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In this category you'll find articles that discuss the benefits and hurdles of using Cloud HR Software verses using locally installed "owned" software. There's lot's to think about here so take your time and choose wisely for your company's future!

Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

Choosing the Right Option

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Once a business has crossed the line and adopted HR software, many decisions still must be made. One of the most important relates to location – will the technology be based on the cloud or on the premises?

Increasingly, management is opting for the former option. There are two reasons for this inclination. First, cloud-based HR technology costs less to own and operate than the alternative. For businesses watching their bottom lines like hawks, this undoubtedly is a very compelling feature. Equally important, however, is the second reason for a cloud preference: updates generally are issued more frequently for these than for office-bound systems. Consequently, management and work force can remain current with greater ease and efficiency.  

Naturally, a company’s needs, goals, capacity, and character all play a role in determining which type of HR system gets the call. For a business relying on a significant number of in-the-field employees, cloud-based HR software clearly is the optimum choice. An outside sales force, for instance, would be well-suited to a system residing in the clouds. Contrastingly, a predominance of in-house staff would suggest a clear preference for an in-office setup.

Whether cloud-based or in-office, however, both types must create a desirable user experience. Thanks to the refinement of contemporary websites, particularly those accessed via mobile device, users are accustomed to smooth, user-friendly interactions. Anything less likely will fall short of employee expectations and raise their collective frustration to counterproductive levels. A clear interface that is easily navigated is a must in the current environment. Even the greatest functionality in the world won’t overcome the drawbacks of a negative user experience.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017 20:33

World Cloud

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If a U.S. company has offices or facilities in other countries, it clearly covers a great deal of territory. Investment, resources, research, development, and production stretch clear around the world. But with a diversity of locations comes a diversity of employees. How does a business connect with this broad body of personnel on a consistent basis? How does it reconcile the vast array of differences to maintain clear and open communication throughout the varied locations? Cloud based HR software offers management a proven and viable solution. Providing the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy, the technology ensures a seamless flow of data on a global scale.

Consider, for instance the organizational value provided by HR systems. While maintaining an orderly assemblage of employee information is a challenge in any environment, the challenge intensifies for globally diverse entities. Cultural and regional differences must be accommodated and yet harmonized with a consistent message to ensure full engagement. By streamlining information through a centrally organized system, cloud based HR software promotes efficient sharing of data through a global network. The result is more consistent and precise delivery of information.   

Cloud based HR technology also improves the consistency of brand image. While each location is characterized by its own regional differences, certain common denominators exist throughout the broad range of global facilities. HR software helps blend the global commonalities into a consistent brand and company vision. No matter where employees are located, they’re receiving the same company image. Not only does this consistency facilitate greater employee engagement, it also promotes a stronger connection between personnel and brand.  

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Thursday, 20 April 2017 19:58

Well-Guarded Data

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Given the growing problem of digital security breaches, it’s only natural for HR managers to be on high alert. As a result, many of these dedicated professionals are looking long and hard at automated HR software. Does it put them at risk? What are the chances of a breach?

These concerns are especially pronounced when the software under consideration provides an online connection.  Like many other users, wary managers see hackers, viruses, malware, and the like as very real threats lurking in the dark and ready to invade.

Rest assured, designers of HR systems have taken these threats into account. Consequently, the technology generally provides an exceedingly high level of security protection to businesses and users. This safety is particularly evident in cloud based HR software.

When developing cloud based systems, programmers waste little time getting their defenses in line. Rigorous safety measures are incorporated from the moment the first bits and bytes are programmed into an HR application. As a result, encryption is a deeply entrenched feature of the software. All information hosted in the remote regions of a cloud is securely encrypted to prevent unwanted exposure to unauthorized personnel. Furthermore, the data is severely restricted, further reducing exposure possibilities. Only when content is needed by a user is it transmitted to the individual.  

Also working hard to prevent security breaches are various identity-confirmation tools incorporated with HR software. Users intending to access company information must satisfactorily pass a series of digital ‘checkpoints. These include password entry and other reliable verifiers. With these identifiers in place, access to sensitive information such as employee records and financial data is restricted solely to authorized personnel.  

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Thursday, 13 April 2017 16:28

Lifting Efficiency to the Clouds

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Businesses of every size are recognizing the inherent advantages HR software. Increasingly, managers are adopting the technology and reaping substantial rewards therefrom. Yet despite the widespread and growing acceptance of HR systems, supporters of every ilk sometimes disagree on one very important issue -- Is computer-based or cloud-based the better way to go? While both sides present compelling arguments, cloud-based HR software appears to be gaining momentum. Among the reasons for this rising popularity is the built-in efficiency of cloud-based systems.

The efficiency of cloud-based HR software is the result of centralization. Rather than employ a computer for every user, the technology relies on a single, remote storehouse of employee-related data. Individuals can access this data from any location connected to the internet, using either a browser or an app. Flexibility goes with the territory – users can retrieve and manage information with desktops, tablets, or smartphones. Clearly, the mobility provided by this versatility is crucial in today’s always-on-the-go environment.

Cloud-based HR software complements its natural flexibility with faster, more reliable data management. Consider, for instance, the time investment necessary to perform routine, repetitive tasks such as the calculation of payroll and taxes. Under a manual system, these jobs are counterproductively time-consuming and error-prone. Automated cloud-based technology, in contrast, performs these tasks in a fraction of the usual time, with minimal errors. Decision-makers benefit from faster delivery and higher quality data.  

What about installation? This is never a factor with cloud-based HR software. All installations are performed at a remote location, relieving individuals of this tedious and time-consuming task. A user simply connects and gets to work. This time-saving advantage alone can save employers a considerable sum over any given period.

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Thursday, 06 April 2017 16:55

High Tech Flexibility

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Changing conditions and needs are perennial workplace issues. New ways replace the old. If successful, the new ways generate productivity improvements. Good news for any enterprise. But the news must be tempered with a dose of reality: change is approaching light speed in the contemporary workplace. The solution? Lightning quick flexibility. The feverish pace demands nothing less. React too slowly, and expect a performance slump from both employees and managers. This risk looms for businesses large, small, or right in the middle. Given this need for flexibility, HR software enters the game as a powerful solution. Replacing outmoded conventional methods, the technology allows any enterprise to shape its environment according to changing needs.  

Consider, for instance, the issue of geographical flexibility. Thanks to cloud computing, physical boundaries no longer rule the universe. Cloud-based HR systems are the new ruler. A truly liberating force, the technology eliminates reliance on fixed locations.  Managers and employees can access data anywhere, thereby improving response times, efficiency, and productivity.

Another issue facing enterprises is that of re-sizing. Very few business remain stationary. At some point, depending on various factors, many an enterprise will either expand or contract. HR software provides the flexibility necessary to manage either change. The technology is eminently scalable, expanding as an enterprise grows. Because of this adaptability, businesses never get and therefore never pay for unneeded services. When an enterprise expands, so does the cloud capacity of its resident HR software. And only then will the employer incur additional costs. Should the enterprise require further upgrades, implementation is a routine task.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013 01:17

Cloud HR Software compared to Local HR Software

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hr-software-shoppingChoosing HR software can be like picking out a box of cereal.
There's a ton of options but you'll only be happy with a couple and it might not be the one the "big boys" in the office think they need!

Are you in the mood for something healthy or something sugary? What about the one that’s on sale this week?

Similarly, once you start looking at your options for HR software solutions, you may feel overwhelmed with all their options, features, prices knowing that the decision you make is the decision your stuck with.