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Below you will find our most recent articles about HR Software organized into categories. We hope these articles are helpful. Be sure and rate and comment on any topics of interest.

Technical Aspects

There are many technical aspects to consider when you searching for an HR Software system. The articles below take many of those into account. So take a few minutes and go through our technical articles about HR Software as there's allot to consider and allot riding on your decision. The good news is the decision is as simple as our software is! Sign up today for your free trial.

Cloud vs Owned

In this category you'll find articles that discuss the benefits and hurdles of using Cloud HR Software verses using locally installed "owned" software. There's lot's to think about here so take your time and choose wisely for your company's future!

User Friendly

Below are a collection of articles about how important a User Friendly interface is written from several perspectives. Take your time and read through them but don't wait to take our free trial. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Budget is a huge concern when purchasing HR software. You'll find budget related articles below to help you navigate and decide on the right software for your company.