How HR Managers Can Penetrate the Wall

Hr Manager

Increasingly, managers are recognizing the benefits of HR software. Improved efficiency, security, and accuracy are just some of the windfalls associated with the technology. But what about company staff? Are they on board with the newly-unveiled system? Surprisingly, some will not be. In fact, the number of refusers could be higher than expected. In some cases, their resistance will be rooted in deep distrust. Yes, despite the prevalence of gadgets galore, some people are still apprehensive in the face of new technologies. But this is the exception. In most cases, rejection of HR software reflects a basic human characteristic – resistance to change. All of us exhibit this trait from time to time. It’s just a matter of how often and to what degree.

Can an HR manager win the acceptance of a reluctant staff? Is there a way to penetrate the brick wall? Fortunately, the answer is ‘yes’. A manager can achieve this goal by first demonstrating the new system’s advantages. Conduct a comparison test – old processes against new – to reveal the glaring differences between the two. When seen in black and white, improvements are hard to ignore – even by those most set in their ways.

Managers also can win converts by showcasing a system’s flexibility. Like it or not, no HR software is perfect – nor, in all probability, will it ever be. But a flexible system that continuously improves clearly is more responsive to user needs. Thus, if staff perceives weaknesses in new HR software, they’ll also have hope for improvements down the road.

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