HR Software + E-Signature | Free?

free hrsoftware softwareHR Software has changed the archaic methods of HR departments around the world while enhancing employee interaction, communications and company culture. The adoption of E-Signatures has made an equally dramatic impact on the evolution of business in general.

Combining these game changing technologies is nothing short of brilliant!

Here’s why…

HR Software is becoming the norm for progressive successful companies. It’s easy to understand why when you look at how much time is saved by utilizing “self-service” for employees and how many manual tasks are automated with accountability built in. These software solutions are even influencing HR generalist’s job descriptions and the backgrounds desired. Some, like, have even added Executive dashboards that are focused entirely on giving executives instant statistical snapshots of their company’s “Human Capital”, HR health, benefits costs and potential blind spots which historically were only available at year end or looked at after costly legal actions. Additionally HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) enhances company culture, professionalism and communications while making companies more attractive to potential employment candidates.

E-Signature software is becoming an equally embraced and disruptive technology by those same companies and employees. Even housing transactions are now typically handled with E-Signature. But few HR Software companies have invested in combining these two amazing technologies to date. By combining E-Signature and HR Software solutions you can achieve a virtually paperless office.

Why does paperless matter?
We’ll going “Green” is great, but what’s even better is it’ll give you…

cloud document management

Free HR Software
Free E-Signature Software!

Here’s How…

With office space averaging approximately $23 per square foot in the U.S., just the space one file cabinet takes up will often pay for an HR Software system.  For example, a simple two drawer 30” wide 18” depth filing cabinet takes up 3.75 sq ft. That’s $86.25 per month in rent! is almost half as much (based on the number of employees) and can store a limitless amount of documents. The more employees you have, the more filing cabinets to remove to pay for your HR Software.

Combining E-Signature and HR Software is imperative!

Some HR Software providers are attempting to add on 3rd party E-Signature features to their own HR Software solution. But why pay for two separate services, HR Software and E-Signature, when they should be combined? Not only that, but all of your documents should reside on “your own” single cloud-based system, accessible from anywhere, not some E-signature provider’s web site. Nobody wants to go to multiple web sites with multiple logins that all have different interfaces to learn. This drives up training costs, derails a successful implementation and increases calls to your HR department for support.

There’s also security to consider.
Having documents in a filing cabinet is arguably not secure or safe!

Having a centralized document management system on one of the world’s most flexible and secure cloud computing environments allows you to scale to any size quickly. You’ll also be using state-of-the-art surveillance, multi-factor access control systems across multiple geographic regions creating a potential safety net even in the face of natural disasters for your documents.

Bottom line, if you haven’t already switched to an HR Software system, it’s time!