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Your HR department is constantly bombarded with questions from employees. It’s the way things have always been done, right? Well is going to change that!


Questions about PTO (paid time off), training, license and certification deadlines, benefits plans, open enrollments, employee files, review dates, pay history, anniversaries and more can all be answered by a simple login by your employee. It’s “Self Service”, which means you’re HR department will be able to concentrate on HR related work instead of being an FAQ support center. not only answers questions but it nurtures company culture. Simple things like the “Celebrations” module alert you and your employees to special dates you have set up. It might be birthdays, anniversaries or any other date that’s important to your company.

The Company Announcement module is a great way of keeping everyone in the know. Great inter-company communication makes employees feel better connected and increases their respect for leadership and loyalty knowing that it matters to the executive leadership that everyone is well informed.



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Centralize Employee Records

It's simpler than you think. Software that's set up in minutes. Add details over time.

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Benefits Costs

It's simple to monitor company Benefits Costs on the Executive Dashboard. Drill into details when...

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Document Management

Access, Store, Organize, Archive and Search for HR related documents in one place

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Strategic Reporting

Editable Report Templates with the ability to create fully customized reports.

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Secure by Design

Security built from the ground up using one of the world’s largest, most flexible and secure...

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Customizable Interface

Drag and drop modules to create customized User and Executive dashboards.

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Multi-User Access

   It's all about Access! Access for managers, executives, employees, you name it! You...

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User Dashboard

The User dashboard is designed to quickly and efficiently layout the most important "Self Service"...

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Executive Dashboard

The Executive dashboard has been strategically designed to quickly identify blind spots and...

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