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Document Management

cloud-document-managementHaving all your company files, forms, New employee documents, OSHA and Safety documents in one place is great! But also allows you to keep employee specific documents organized and available as well.

From Benefit documents, New Hire documents, Performance Reviews, Disciplinary records, Policies, Attachments, you name it, they can all be in

You can even organize your documents by category or filter the view so finding documents is easy!

Relax, security by design! gives you the ability to control who has access to files and documents so the time saved by your employees and managers being able to have “Self Service Access” to the documents they need without bothering your HR department creates better intercompany communications and saves time, energy and money for all.

  • No more wondering who has what documents and where!
  • You can reach your important documents from anywhere!
  • Need a form quick, just log-in!

Feature Tour

Centralize Employee Records

It's simpler than you think. Software that's set up in minutes. Add details over time.

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Benefits Costs

It's simple to monitor company Benefits Costs on the Executive Dashboard. Drill into details when...

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Document Management

Access, Store, Organize, Archive and Search for HR related documents in one place

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Strategic Reporting

Editable Report Templates with the ability to create fully customized reports.

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Secure by Design

Security built from the ground up using one of the world’s largest, most flexible and secure...

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Customizable Interface

Drag and drop modules to create customized User and Executive dashboards.

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Multi-User Access

   It's all about Access! Access for managers, executives, employees, you name it! You...

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User Dashboard

The User dashboard is designed to quickly and efficiently layout the most important "Self Service"...

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Executive Dashboard

The Executive dashboard has been strategically designed to quickly identify blind spots and...

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