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benefitsExecutives in every company need to monitor Benefits Costs closely as benefits can be one of the largest expenses your company has besides payroll.

The problem is most executives don't have the time and most HR Software systems and even some enterprise HRIS systems don’t collect and display the information needed about a company's benefits costs. And if they do, it’s not usually broken down by Employee’s costs and the Company’s costs allowing the executive to understand quickly where the company stands. allows you to quickly and easily see how much your company's costs are compared to your employees costs! No longer do you need cringe at the thought of delving into the spreadsheets and working with HR and your vendors to come up those costs. Gone are the days of dealing with the issues of budget oversights and soaring benefits costs at year end just because you didn't have the real-time information given to you in a simple way to monitor year round.


The benefits module is located on the Executive Dashboard and quickly outlines your entire Benefits program costs. From Dental, Health, Life Vision 401k plans and anything other benefit you offer. The intuitive interface shows expirations, total enrolled, total monthly costs, Employer and Employee monthly costs allowing you to have complete control with the power of current knowledge to make benefits decisions with!

It doesn't stop there however. If you click "View Details" you can drill into any of the details of any benefit your company offers.


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